Increase meeting productivity and automate check-ins with the team. Schedule periodic emails and get aggregated responses delivered right to your inbox with Keyory.

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The Struggle

Keyory focuses on solving a very specific set of problems. Not asking questions that should be asked on a regular basis, asking questions manually on a regular basis, and asking certain questions during a meeting that should be asked before or after a meeting. When you don't ask certain questions regularly and asynchronously you risk losing out on valuable insights and perspectives. Here are some examples.

As a team leader

"Is there anything you'd like me to specifically address to the team during our weekly status meeting?"

As a sales manager

"What feedback did you hear from customers this week about our product?"

As a product owner

"What do you think should be our top 5 priorities for the next 3 sprints?"

As a scrum master

"Is there anything that is blocking your current objectives?"

As an educator

"How are you feeling about the current subjects and is there anything I should revisit that wasn't clear?"

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How it Works


Go ahead and mess around with Keyory for free with an email to a few colleagues. When you're ready to jump in, check out the options below.

Privacy Policy

We use Mailgun to send and receive emails. Their privacy policy can be found here. Our message retention on Mailgun is set to 0 days. We have click tracking and open tracking on Mailgun set to off.

When you ask a question through Keyory, answers to your question are destroyed immediately after we send you the consolidated answers email. Source emails received by Keyory through Mailgun are stored on a secured AWS S3 bucket and incinerated after 5 days.

We will never read your emails in context of the questions you ask. We may use incoming emails to improve Keyory’s email parsing capability, which retrieves answers to your questions, and for no other reason. This is a rare occurrence, and happens if answers are sent from an email client whose email body format our parser does not recognize or with non-standard signature and quoting formats.

We will read the questions that people ask on Keyory. This helps us understand how people are using our service and to make improvements.

All questions that are asked on Keyory must be explicitly subscribed to by the recipients. When you ask a question, the recipients are invited to Keyory if they aren’t already users. We also provide a way for recipients to subscribe to questions without logging into Keyory by clicking a link in the question subscription email.

We will never use the email addresses provided to Keyory for any reason other than managing accounts and sending questions and answers.

If you have questions about our policies, would like an export of the data stored in Keyory for your account, or would like us to remove data associated with your account from Keyory, email us at