Increasing the value of your critical meetings with (or without) Keyory

The Problem

Good leaders don't strive to be right for the sake of being right. They strive to find the best answers to valuable questions. Let's say you're a CTO and you get your engineering leadership team together every Monday morning to discuss and make decisions about the company's highest priority technical issues. The fires. At the beginning of the meeting you ask a simple question.

As a CTO

"What does everyone think is the highest priority issue we need to address?"

The meeting can unfold in a number of different ways, but each scenario leads to the same suboptimal outcome so we can just focus on one. Each team member takes a turn explaining what they think is the number one issue before discussion begins.

This synchronous communication causes a psychological effect on the group called anchoring, a cognitive bias that occurs when people place too much importance on the first piece of information gathered.

This is the primary problem that we need to solve consistently in order for you, the CTO, to get the highest value out of your meeting.

The Solution

Solving this problem during your next meeting is easy, and we even encourage you to try it without Keyory so everyone can understand the value prior to introducing a new product to the team. Before the meeting, email your team members and ask them what they believe is the number one issue that needs to be discussed. Email them individually, not as a group, so you get individual perspectives and avoid the same bias as above.

Before the meeting starts, prepare by reading all of the issues. Now that you know everyone's uninfluenced perspective on the topic, you're more capable of leading a highly productive discussion and making the best decisions for the team.

Enter Keyory

The solution above can be cumbersome, you might not have just one meeting where this approach can provide value and it is a manual effort to ask individuals these important questions via email. That's why we built Keyory.

With Keyory, you can schedule daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly questions to be sent out to a group of recipients (individually of course) and get the answers aggregated and delivered right to your inbox.

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